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Embroidery Needles

Embroidery Needles

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Dazhong Xiao three types of needles can be interchangeable, and can adjust the length of the needle, it is very easy to use

 Embroidery is the easiest embroidery embroidery in the most people like the form of embroidery. Embroidery only need a dedicated needle, a piece of cloth, an embroidery hoops, Embroidery colored threads, a water-soluble pen can be used to draw on cloth Drawings, tracing paper can be started.Folk like to use this needle to complete the home commonly used curtains, pillowcases, insoles and other common household items.

   Modern people also use it to clothing, decorative painting, the ancient folk art exudes a more charming charm. Because of the simple operation, no

There is too much acupuncture, so it's also called "stupid embroidery," and as long as the tools are complete, a beautiful flower can be made by repeatedly poking up and down along a pre-designed and drawn sketch on the cloth works.

   Embroidery threads can be used in a wide range of applications: Nylon velor (cashmere) is just one of them, as well as traditional handmade embroidery thread, cross stitch thread, wool, and elastic stamped threads. Many materials can be used, so this Embroidery is easy to get started but also easy to produce the results of DIY.

1) PN-001 main needle

2) A total of three can be replaced needle

PN-101, diameter 1.3mm

PN-102, diameter 1.6mm

PN-103 diameter 2.2mm


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